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Feeling Stuck? Hack Your Strategy to Regain Momentum

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Strategy Hack (noun) – A different way to achieve a goal or work around an obstacle in your current business strategy. 

A 1-hour session for Entrepreneurs, CEOs, or Leaders who aren’t happy with the results they’re getting from their business strategy, operations, or team management but don’t know what to change to improve things.

After this 1-hour Strategy Hack with me, you’ll walk away with actionable ideas that will increase your ability to achieve your goal or get past your obstacle.

Clients Have Hacked:

Contacting New Prospects

Ability to contact a set of new prospects that had been aging for 6 months

Completion of Projects

Completion of a strategic writing project on time without hiring additional resources

Team Management

Less time spent in meetings, ensuring time is spent on more important tasks

How It Works:

  1. Book a call
  2. Fill out the “Hack Your Strategy” questionnaire (sent after booking)
  3. Have an insightful call with Sonita
  4. Get a “Strategy Hack Plan of Attack”
  5. Apply the hacks and start seeing progress

Clients Have Said...

Don’t walk but run to book a Strategy Hack session with Sonita because it’s incredible in terms of the value she delivered.
I went to Sonita because I was resisting stepping into a greater version of my leadership role because I didn’t want to spend more time in my business. I didn’t want to micromanage my amazing team but I wanted to infuse my vision of where I want to take the business in the next five years so my team could show up, and do the best version of their work. Sonita was able to help me look at things from a different perspective, She gave me five different approaches for what I needed to do as a leader in to take my team and my business to the next level. We didn’t just look at micro things or macro things; it was a blend of both and how I could do these in stages, which was really helpful.
Melissa Froehlich crossing her arms and smiling
Melissa Froehlich
Business Growth Strategist & Mindset Coach
“We were wrestling with how to get 10,000 potential leads to play nice in our system. It was a problem we had been discussing for 6 months. Sonita saw a solution we hadn’t considered that allowed us to get where we wanted, which was communicating with these prospective clients.”
Eric Lecky headshot
Eric Lecky
Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, SageWater

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