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Strategic Success Roadmap

Have dozens of pent-up ideas and projects that you keep trying to make progress on?

Feeling unclear about where to invest your organization’s time, energy, and resources for the next 3 months?

Wish you had a visual guide to know you’re making progress?

It’s time to move from fuzzy to focused – it’s time for your Strategic Success Roadmap.

Sonita Reese - team mission and vision - aligned

This is right for you if you'd benefit from:

  • Clarity on the strategic drivers of your business, i.e. your vision, mission, and values.
  • Understanding of the current state of the 8 pillars of your business.
  • Prioritization of your business pillars based on what you need to achieve. 
  • Definition of the projects and action steps that will allow you to gain traction on the priorities over the next 1-2 quarters.
  • Direction for the next quarter through an action-focused roadmap to make progress on your priorities laid out in a visual, easy-to-access board.
  • Guidance from and access to Sonita throughout the journey.

The Strategic Success Roadmap increases the ROI for your time and resources by prioritizing the objectives you need to focus on and laying out the projects that will advance them over the next 3-6 months. Think of this as a GPS rooted in your mission, vision, and values that guides your business where you want it to go and lets you see progress along the way.

"I felt overwhelmed by needing to make sure that we could stay on the right track to grow and be relevant for another 25+ years. Having a Strategic Success Roadmap and accountability sessions with Sonita, I am more confident and better able to lead and prioritize my time. My personal life is better. My professional life has gotten more organized. And I have a clear view of the tasks and goals before the business and am able to delegate in a more efficient way."
Head of School
K-8 Private School and Non Profit
Strategic Business Objectives
Day Plan of Action

If you’re longing to make real, tangible progress over the next 90 days on your strategic business priorities, let’s have a conversation.