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The Mission, Vision & Values Experience

Ready for renewed energy, focus, and alignment to lead your business? Your Mission, Vision, and Values Experience will give you powerful clarity on where your business is headed, a compass to guide strategic decisions, and an alignment tool that puts you and your team on the same page.

Make It Clear for Good Growth’s Sake

The direction and clarity we define together is captured in an MVV Official so you can share it with your team and other stakeholders. The MVV Official is a living document that articulates:

  • Your business’ mission statement in a clear, powerful, and tangible way 
  • An inspiring and vivid picture of the vision you desire for your business, team, and impact
  • Guiding principles that turn your values into brand-worthy behaviors

How It Works

  1. You receive guided prep work.
  2. We hold a 90-minute deep dive session.
  3. You receive your draft MVV Official. 
  4. We refine and finalize your MVV Official.
  5. You gain clarity for confident decision making and more alignment and energy to move forward with your team. 
Silver laptop and glasses stacked on a thick wooden table
"Before working with Sonita, I didn't have a clear mission or vision and my core values didn't seem to align with my brand. I was frustrated not having this clarity for my growing multi-six-figure business. Sonita made the daunting process of crafting a clear mission, vision, and values statement easy. An immediate result of our work was that my team and I decided to pause one of our core offers because it was out of alignment with our core value of freedom. And I felt empowered doing so because of the newfound clarity I had gained about the direction I wanted to take in my business."
Headshot of Melissa Froehlich
Melissa Froehlich
Business Growth Strategist & Mindset Coach

Your mission is why you get up everyday in your business.

Your vision is the attractive future you and your team are headed toward. 

Your values drive how you behave on the business journey.    

Your Mission, Vision, and Values drive you. But are you in the driver’s seat?

Are you ready for more clarity on your business direction, guiding principles to lead your team, and a way to communicate it?