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How To Celebrate The Holidays With Your Remote Team

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Read on for remote holiday ideas to celebrate the holidays with your virtual team.

If you have a remote or hybrid team, you may be wondering how to celebrate the holidays with them to end the year on a good note.

You want to find something engaging that your team will be excited to attend. Not just another virtual happy hour.

With that in mind, I’ve collected a few ideas to help plan your remote holiday celebrations.

Try These Activities to Infuse Some Remote Holiday Cheer into Your Team

Host a Virtual Event

Video call fatigue is real. It’s hard to get everyone excited about another Zoom event or MS Teams meeting. A great way to bring the spirit of celebration online is by hosting a virtual holiday party that will involve and excite your crew. 

The company, teambuilding, has made an art of online team-building events. Some of their holiday ideas include: 

  • Sending themed care packages to your team
  • Making seasonal recipes with everyone (including a gift box with the ingredients!)
  • Sharing holiday staples like music or a Secret Santa

Related: Read More Here on Throwing a Virtual Holiday Party (I led one of these for a client’s team and we had a blast!)

Another fun option? Invite your team to try a virtual escape room. Country Living magazine compiled this resource list for online escape rooms: 8 Virtual Escape Rooms – Online Puzzles for Friends. Ranging from $20 to $100 per guest, these escape rooms are a nice, non-traditional way to celebrate the holidays and have some remote fun.

Customize Your Team Gifts

Given economic challenges and world events, your team is likely dealing with a lot more stress than usual and facing unexpected challenges at home and work.

A special way to celebrate and show appreciation is to customize holiday gifts for everyone on your team. People feel extra special with they receive something uniquely selected for them.

Make the remote holiday a special occasion by sending everyone a delicious dessert or a kit to make a craft cocktail together virtually. Cocktail Courier offers seasonal recipes like a cocktail infused with traditional holiday flavors, while Sugarwish lets your team members customize their snack or happy hour. Another holiday staple, a gingerbread house kit, can bring a smile to everyone at home.

Marketplaces like Etsy are a great option to find fun, cost-effective, easy to customize gifts for your team without breaking the bank. You can use inside jokes to make the presents feel even more personal or add a personal touch inside the goodie bag.

If your team is spread across multiple countries, virtual gifts are a good choice. Digital subscriptions, custom digital art (that can be printed at home), or even planning an event like a virtual museum visit will be appreciated.

A personal, thoughtful note or video message can do wonders if you’re short of time to send something.

Crowdsource Your Celebration

A great way to feel connected as a remote team is being part of a special project together or having a shared space where they shared accomplishments, posted good news, or celebrated each other. 

teambuilding recommends making a timeline to highlight milestones, celebrating dates like birthdays and holidays in a designated space (maybe a #celebration Slack channel?), and giving social media shoutouts to your team on a regular basis. 

Another fun way to get everyone involved? Make a playlist together. Ask everyone to share their favorite tunes and use a platform like Spotify to make the actual playlist. Team members can listen on their own or have it playing as background music during your remote holiday celebration.

Not inclined to DIY it? Tools like Little Love Jar and Tribute make it easier for the creatively-challenged bunch to celebrate each other.

Give Back as a Team

If you’re feeling inspired to donate time or resources, a great way to connect with your team is to choose an organization that is meaningful to them and collect donations (monetary or otherwise). You can think of local shelters, youth centers, or a cause that speaks to your heart – or ask for your team’s opinions in choosing the cause.

One way to set a donation amount is to ask your team to pick a donation goal. If they meet it, your company can match it. Or you can all simply participate in donating and encourage others to pitch in.

Inspired? Companies like earthbath, a pet product company in California, donate work by paying employees an hourly rate to serve at local animal shelters periodically.

A Remote Holiday Celebration Doesn't Have to Mean a Boring Holiday Celebration

It’s hard to believe the end of the year is almost here. Your hybrid or remote team may be struggling to get into the holiday spirit and engage from afar. But being physically distant doesn’t have to mean you have to skip celebrating the holidays. 

With so many online resources available, ending the year on a high note and helping everyone feel the holiday cheer with a thoughtful, engaging celebration could be easier than you think.

Do you have any fun holiday plans for your team lined up? I’d love to know how you’re engaging your team during this season.

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