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Five Ways To Make This Summer Count – Personally And Professionally

Last Updated: August 3, 2021

Even For Entrepreneurs And Leaders Who Are Too Busy To Chill By The Pool

Ah, summer, a chance to unwind and relax. Yet, all the business leaders and entrepreneurs I know are anything but bored.

Either they’re playing catch up, trying to keep up with a surge in business, adjusting to funky supply chains, recruiting to fill talent gaps, or dealing with one of many other challenges facing businesses right now.

Does this sound familiar?

Though this might not be your typical summer, this season presents a unique opportunity for leaders to reset personally and professionally – while making progress on their business priorities.

Here are five ways you can make this summer count - and set yourself up to be successful for the rest of the year.

Reconnect With Relationships That Fuel You

With things opening back up, people are seeing family and friends, and finally taking those vacations they’d put on hold in 2020. 

And while exciting, this can be a shock to the system since it’s a dramatic change from the routine we had grown used to.

First and foremost, embrace it: enjoy reconnecting and spending time with the people in your life. Second, pace yourself to avoid being overwhelmed by too much of a good thing.

Research shows that relationships make our lives better. In a survey conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research, they found that doubling your group of friends has the same effect on your wellbeing as receiving 50% more income.

Make Time To Do Things That Rejuvenate You – And Get Outside

More daylight and warmer weather afford more opportunities to do the things that refresh you. Whether it’s golf, biking, or browsing in book shops, take the time to truly relax. Working on your laptop while watching your kids at the pool doesn’t count.

In fact, there are several science-based benefits of being outside, including improving short-term memory, lower blood pressure, less stress and a boost in creativity.

Take Stock Of Your Business Strategy And Identify Any Changes You Need To Make

Is your strategy working? The halfway point of the year is an excellent time to engage this question. Are you on a clear path? Are you doing well?

If you simply need to keep executing, fantastic. I still recommend taking some time to assess your strategic trajectory … even if you think it’s on track.

Schedule a couple hours to a full day to have a “clarity break” away from your usual routine. Use it to think about your business and assess if you need to adjust or reset anything.

Connect With Your Team

During the summer, things tend to be more relaxed. Take this time to really connect with your team on a one-on-one basis and even modify your cadence of communication to honor the need for your team members to see family and travel.

A fun way to connect is to share the fun and adventures of others’ vacations. Encourage your team to share a picture or two from their latest adventure. And do the same.

Assess What Needs To Be Done By Labor Day – Personally And For Your Business

Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer. If you have business goals you need to accomplish before or by that weekend, then you need a strategic plan for how you’re going to accomplish those goals. 

I recommend scheduling an hour or two to assess what you and your family need/want to do before Labor Day and what you need/want to do in your business by then.

Get clear on your commitments and pull a collective schedule together so that you can plan accordingly and not be caught off guard. What gets scheduled gets done. So if you need to take your kids back-to-school shopping – put it on your calendar. Or if a planning session with your team in early September is needed – put it on the calendar.

Regardless of what’s happening in your business right now, use summer as an opportunity to reset and refresh. Be intentional about your personal needs and what you want for your business. Then build your personal schedule to accommodate those goals – and enjoy summer! 

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