Catalyze Your Culture to Attract and Keep the People Who Power Your Success

The fastest way to become a culture leader of a positive and profitable business


For founders and leadership teams of growing small business who want to create a “people advantage” through their company culture

Overcome inertia to find a clear path for creating culture

“As my business had grown, I felt stuck and unsure how to proceed. Working with Sonita gave me a path forward and more confidence to guide my team in the right direction. Now I sleep better at night and it’s easier to lead my business.”

Aly Robins, Founder and CEO of Aly Robins and Snowy Mountain Marketing

Wave goodbye to the cultural confusion getting in the way of growth

  • Hiring contractors or employees who aren’t a good cultural fit
  • Struggling to develop and keep the right people  
  • Feeling unsure about what you need to do to develop your culture
  • Not knowing how to practically empower your people to serve 
  • Finding it hard to convey what’s special about working at your company
  • Unintentionally misrepresenting your brand in the marketplace

Catalyze Your Culture In 5 Phases


A snapshot of your current and ideal culture is created based on offline input gathered from you and your leadership team.


Understand the gaps to creating your culture advantage and prep for the next day's working session with your leadership team. In just one hour.


Get on the same page as a leadership team, define your desired culture, and identify three key areas of opportunity to address.


Define, assign and accept accountability for advancing three key culture initiatives and make a shared commitment to lead as “Culture Catalysts.”


Receive your customer Company Culture Brief and 90-day roadmap with items identified and assigned for action.

Everything you need to define your culture and turn it into your "people advantage"

  • Five Drivers of Culture
  • Currrent and Ideal Culture Gap Assessment
  • Company Culture Snapshot
  • Culture Catalyst Leadership Briefing
  • 90-Day Culture Building Roadmap
  • A process that gets you and your on the same page

BONUS: Build momentum with a follow-up accountability session

To ensure your cultural initiatives are put into action, I’m including a 30- minute follow-up session for you and your leadership team

Accountability + Action Follow-Up Session

  • Two weeks after your Create Your Culture In a Day session, so you and your team have time to take action
  • Focused on implementing your Culture Roadmap to keep the momentum going
  • Opportunity to troubleshoot or course correct
  • Access to any additional resources or templates I have to help you overcome roadblocks or implement

Nice to meet you! I’m Sonita, Chief Encouragement Officer, Culture Catalyst, Coach and Idea-to-Action Consultant

I’m also on a mission to help 1,000 entrepreneurs build their businesses without burnout – and want to help as many of them as possible use their culture to do so. And, if you’re considering working together, you probably want to to know a bit about me.

I’ve spent 4 years working with service-based entrepreneurs and 18+ years prior to that in consulting, marketing, and team leadership. Over that time, I’ve helped 100’s of leaders non-profits, start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies advance strategic initiatives to build their organizations. I’ve also  enabled dozens of entrepreneurs to get a higher ROI on their time, energy, and decision-making by activating their purpose, values, and vision . 

My love affair with culture started over 40 years ago as a third-culture kid growing up between Southeast Asia and Virginia. It’s an thrill to use everything I’ve learned along the way to help my clients build cultures that enable their success (in business AND life.)   

Outside of serving my clients, I love to rise at 5 am, enjoy a rich cup of coffee, read (under a cozy blanket) and find everyday adventures. I live outside of Washington, DC  with my husband and two soccer-loving sons.

Create your culture strategically, implement it practically

“Sonita has been transformative for our team. Providing strategic and tactical leadership, her insight, wisdom, and breadth of experience have been invaluable. She delivers a sense of calm and optimism to everything she touches. I could not have asked for a better partner to help us take our organization to the next level!”

Eric Lecky, EVP and Chief Growth Officer, SageWater

Don't wait another day to take control of your culture

You’re building company culture everyday – even if you don’t know it. The behaviors you model, decisions you make, how you work, and what you communicate sow and water the seeds of your company culture. Whether by design or default, you have a culture that is taking root as you read this – and it’s impacting your business now. Would you rather leave this to chance or take control of shaping a people-first culture that can help you succeed?

Create Your Culture In a Day is different from other things you may have tried… here’s how it compares:

Other offers...

Create Your Culture in a Day...

Culture building solutions start at $10,000 and can cost up to $100,000+ but you can create your company culture for $7,500

Apply today, no payment until your day is confirmed.

Create Your Culture in a Day Is Perfect for You if …

Walk away as a team of Culture Catalysts who have the clarity and tools to build your company culture

  • Define the culture you need to create your people advantage and grow
  • Leave with a 90-day roadmap to implement 3 key culture building initiatives
  • Build leadership bonds by declaring your shared commitment to building culture 
  • See your core values become part of the way your people behave everday
  • Tweak the way you work to to align with your culture and perform better  
  • Watch your people gain energy, become more engaged, and share their experience with friends and family

Use the main objection + make it a question

Apply today, no payment until you confirm your day