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Five Daily Habits To Beat Stress And Be A Better Leader

In 2015, I jumped off the corporate bullet train after battling burnout repeatedly and compromising my health and relationships. Until then, I had spent 18 years in consulting, marketing, and team leadership roles, getting promoted and winning awards like “Consultant of the Quarter.” But I constantly felt like a failure and was tired of it. Tired of not giving my family full attention on vacations because I  was on work calls. Tired of not being

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The Power Of Living Your Company Values: 3 Steps To Catalyze Brandworthy Behavior In Your Business

As a business your brand is not just what you say on your website or marketing materials. It’s also how people experience you – including what you stand for, aka your values. Company values drive behavior, shape culture, and are strong building blocks for growth. Research and experience show that values drive organizational practices, help recruit the right people, enhance team engagement AND even impact a company’s bottom line. But company values are useless unless

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Are We Missing The Point Of The Great Resignation?

The Great Resignation has landed itself in the historical and current events section of Dictionary.com, which describes it as, “the widespread trend of a significant number of workers leaving their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic.” The prevailing belief is that workers are voluntarily resigning from their jobs because they’re either dissatisfied with current working conditions or they’re reassessing their career and lifestyle due to the pandemic. Many organizations and leaders believe that what we’re seeing

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the great resignation, shown by image of worker resigning and leaving office with box in hand

Three Things Businesses Need To Reconsider In The Wake Of The Great Resignation

Have you heard of the Great Resignation yet? It’s a term coined to describe the record-high numbers of Americans who quit their jobs in April 2021. That number was 4 million. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, during the months of April, May, and June, a total of 11.5 million workers quit their jobs. Fueled by the pandemic and jobholders’ demands for more money, more flexibility and more happiness, we’re witnessing a

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Five Things (That Might Be) Stopping You From Getting Things Done

You’ve got lots of brilliant ideas waiting to come to life and a list of things that simply have to get done. The trouble is, you struggle to execute them. This can leave you frustrated and unsure about what to do next. It can also cause you to walk away from big dreams and goals. Identifying what’s preventing you from making progress will help you turn your goals into reality. With that in mind, here are

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Five Ways To Make This Summer Count – Personally And Professionally

Ah, summer, a chance to unwind and relax. Yet, all the business leaders and entrepreneurs I know are anything but bored.

Either they’re playing catch up, trying to keep up with a surge in business, adjusting to funky supply chains, recruiting to fill talent gaps, or dealing with one of many other challenges facing businesses right now.

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Why Every Leader Needs A Winning Vision: And Why Not Having One Can Sabotage Your Success

“Imagine a tomorrow compelling enough to guide your choices today.”   Michael Hyatt Thinking about vision in the context of business can feel abstract and fuzzy. Can you relate? If so, you need to make space and devote time to clarifying your vision, i.e. your picture of the future. Here’s why: If you don’t have a clear understanding of the future you desire to create or the direction you’re leading your team, it’s going to be harder

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3 Ways Leaders Can Avoid The Disappointment Of Unmet Expectations

Sloppy or unrealistic expectations can sabotage team success. Avoid these three expectation-setting mistakes to set you and your team up to succeed. As a fourth-grader, I was enamored by the original Charlie’s Angels TV series. I wanted to be like Farah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, and Kate Jackson doing important work on a dynamic team – and looking glamorous in the process. I was convinced I just needed hairspray to check the glamour box. As my

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Two professionals looking at each other

5 Leadership Skills Entrepreneurs Need To Lead A Growing Team

Engage and inspire your team by honing your leadership skills in these areas. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it. “Why can’t they just do what I want?” a COO at a thriving nonprofit once asked me. He and the CEO had a clear strategy, well-defined KPIs, and a solid operational plan. Leading the team was the disconnect. If you’re a leader, ask yourself this honest question: Have you taken the

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Man writing a holiday list at a wooden table

How To Celebrate The Holidays With Your Remote Team

Read on for remote holiday ideas to celebrate the holidays with your virtual team. If you have a remote or hybrid team, you may be wondering how to celebrate the holidays with them to end the year on a good note. You want to find something engaging that your team will be excited to attend. Not just another virtual happy hour. With that in mind, I’ve collected a few ideas to help plan your remote

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Want Results? Stop And Reset Your Plan

What if I told you that you could gain 10 hours by spending one hour planning? Would you do it? Brian Tracy, a recognized authority on achievement and leadership, says,  “Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 percent Return on Energy!” I’ve experienced the multiplier effect of planning in my work and personal life. Planning helped me pull my wedding together in 3 months (without a

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Many clocks, too much to do

Why Leaders Should Track Their Time (And How To Do It)

“If only I had more time in my day.” “I was going to do ___ but I ran out of time.” “I wish I had more time for ___.” Sound familiar? Leaders have a lot to do.  And the majority of us think we have too little time to do it. But the truth is, we often don’t know how we spend the 24-hours in our day. And that’s dangerous. Because time is a finite resource. “I

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Man enjoying the beach with a friend

Why The Summer Slow-Down Can Be Good For You

My kids are out of school and the pools are open. Yep, it’s summertime. Things are warmer and tend to be slower, including business. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, it can be a great thing. Here are five opportunities you can seize during the “summer slow-down”. Use the Change in Rhythm to Recharge and Refocus  Your business will follow your focus. If you’re anything like me, the first half

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Work in progress - what should I do next?

How Knowing Your Priorities Will Change Your Work

In medicine, when faced with the need to save an internal organ, the choice will be made in this order: heart, lungs, and kidneys; this order is based on the amount of time one can survive without that organ. If you’re a doctor, knowing the purpose each organ serves and how long the body can survive without it provides clarity. In other words, knowing your priorities can be the difference between life and death. “What

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Team collaborating using laptops

Productivity Tools Can Hurt Team Productivity – Here’s How To Prevent That

How we use technology in the workplace of the future – and its impact on team productivity- was a prominent question a few years ago at The Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival. It’s an evergreen question to be sure. Futurist or not, all entrepreneurs have probably wondered at some point: is the tech designed to boost workplace performance actually helping it or hurting? The co-founders of Reddit, Slack and Basecamp had a lively

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