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You owe it to yourself, your team, and the world to build without burnout. It's our mission to help you.

First by Five helps people-first leaders and entrepreneurs leverage their time, team, and talents so that they live out their ambitions while building a business without burning out.

First by Five believes:

We believe in thriving, not just surviving, and building business without burning out. So we take a holistic view to living and working so we can flourish in both. We look after our personal and professional wellbeing – and each other. And we set and honor boundaries for important things like health, family, and rejuvenation so we can work and live at our best.

We value the dignity, uniqueness, and diverse perspective of each individual we interact with and take a relational approach to business. We love seeing our clients, partners, and team win and supporting their whole-person success.

We believe leadership is a responsibility not a right – and it starts with leading ourselves well. We believe leaders have a responsibility to define and communicate a shared purpose, vision and goals. We cultivate our leadership influence by serving and creating opportunities for others.  And we choose to lead with purpose, optimism, empathy, and accountability.  

We aim for constructive two-way dialogue. We start with listening to understand, are respectful and candid in our communication, and don’t shy away from difficult conversations . We also take consistent care to close communication loops to avoid confusion.

Life’s too short to be miserable.  That’s why we seek to work with people who take their purpose and contribution seriously but not themselves. And why we take time to celebrate, embrace failure as a step on the business journey, and find reasons to smile and laugh along the way.