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Leading a growing business can be stressful and lonely. But it doesn’t have to be.
Let’s work together to lighten your leadership burden and make your team more productive and happy.

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You’re Struggling To Build A Productive Team While Growing Your Business - Now What?

You know your business needs a great team to reach your big goals. But you haven’t fully figured out how to build and keep a quality team that can free you to up to get there. 

You also want to do right by your people. But you’re unsure how to do that in a meaningful and profitable way. What’s the best use of your time and leadership energy? How do you develop a an excellent team that’s excited to manage the business? How do you create an environment that makes everyone successful?

Maybe you:

  • Feel exhausted trying to lead strategically while stilling needing to manage day-to-day
  • Don’t know how to hire the right people and build an engaged team
  • Feel frustrated with failed attempts to delegate
  • Struggle to communicate effectively with your employees and contractors
  • Wonder if you should do things differently as a leader

The good news is that you don’t have to carry this leadership burden alone.

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Leading Your Team And Business Doesn't Have Be Overwhelming

Leverage your leadership to build a team that strengthens people and profit 

We understand the struggle to lead the business, build an engaged team, and deliver on your promises because we’ve been there. Focusing strategically and managing human dynamics while navigating market changes and hundreds of daily distractions is a tough job – to say the least.

We’ve found that communicating an exciting vision, engaging an aligned team, and learning as you lead frees a leader to develop people and increase their impact.

We help leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs of growing service-based businesses lighten their leadership burden and build happy and productive teams so they can do just that.

First by Five Will Help You...

  • Understand how to leverage your leadership
  • Clarify and communicate your vision
  • Multiply your team’s results and well-being
  • Empower your people through empathy and accountability
  • Make more profitable decisions
  • Enjoy your journey (we only get one shot at this!)

Ready To Lead With Greater Ease And Impact?

First By Five has helped many leaders lighten their leadership burden. Partner with us to help you strengthen your leadership and build a smiling and successful team.

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Lead with More Ease

Lead your team and business with less stress and more profitable impact.

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.
– Lean Horne

Kind Words

We love helping our clients! Read what they have to say about us.

"First by Five has been a transformative partner for our team. From strategic planning and organizational design to marketing operations, Sonita delivers a sense of calm reassurance and optimism regarding everything she touches. As a result of her recommendations we have seen continued strong revenue growth and a significant increase in operational efficiency. I could not have asked for a better partner to help take our organization to the next level! "
Eric Lecky, EVP & CMO at SageWater
"As a start-up with investor expectations for a quick ramp up, I was focused on selling and fulfilling business. Sonita guided us to put in the infrastructure we needed to scale. It provided us great comfort knowing she was focused on the systems that helped our talent feel more connected to our projects, organization, and the way we operated. Personally, she was the outside voice I needed to consider important things about our business I would have missed."
Scott Gillum, Founder and CEO at Carbon Design
"Sonita helped me look at things from a different perspective for what I needed to do as a leader to take my team and my business to the next level. We didn't just look at micro things or macro things; it was a blend of both and how I could do these in stages, which was really helpful."
Melissa Froehlich, Business Growth Strategist and Mindset Coach
"Having a Strategic Success Roadmap and accountability sessions with Sonita I feel more confident and better able to lead and prioritize my time. My personal life is better and my professional life has gotten more organized. And I am able to delegate in a more efficient way."
Business Owner, Private School and Non Profit
"I wanted more clarity on my mission, vision and values so I could better serve my clients and team members. Now I’m clearer about how I want to lead and why. And I have a roadmap for the future of my business which gives me clarity on the steps I need to take."
Cory Zacker, Cory Zacker Consulting
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Hi, I’m Sonita.

As First by Five’s Chief Encouragement Officer and Lead Consultant, I understand the struggle to lead because I’ve walked in your shoes. As a team leader for 18 years in the corporate and non-profit worlds, I found the greatest roadblocks to leading well were a lack of clarity, putting the wrong people in the wrong roles, miscommunication, and unhealthy cultures that prevented people from being – and performing – their best. 

Working with service- based for the last five years, I found them frustrated by similar challenges. Having a clear vision, investing in their leadership, and cultivating a people-first culture helped them overcome these challenges to build smiling and successful teams that are growing their businesses faster. I want to help as many leaders as possible experience that. Because the opportunities and value created by leaders like you change people’s lives. And because people in your position have to fight higher than usual levels of stress and burnout.

I left the corporate world after burning out from making too many destructive work-life trade-offs. That’s why I’m passionate about helping you build your business without burning out. We owe it ourselves, our loved ones,  and the people we serve to do so.