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Become A More Effective Entrepreneur

First By Five helps founders, entrepreneurs and CEOs lead their small and growing service-based businesses more effectively.

Are You Frustrated By Spending Too Much Time On Things That “Have to Get Done” Instead Of Strategically Leading Your Business?

As an entrepreneur, you know that your time and energy are your most precious resources. Not just for your business but for your life and your loved ones. But how do you channel your attention toward what really matters while growing the business that means so much to you? You’ve hired people to help, but it’s never enough. You’ve read entrepreneurship books, implemented productivity hacks, tried working longer hours, and maybe even worked with a personal coach.

But you still feel:

  • It’s impossible to extract yourself from daily demands long enough to do strategic work for your business
  • Worried that you’re falling behind and can’t keep up with everything your growing business needs
  • Frazzled by keeping a frenzied schedule that involves everything from making big financial decisions to handling a variety of administrative and tactical details
  • Pulled in so many directions that you’re not always sure where you’re going

If you feel like the only option is to work in a frenzy until you miraculously clone yourself or sell your business, keep reading…

Sonita sitting on a couch with her laptop

Stop Draining Your Energy And Diluting Your Effectiveness

Harness the power of focus to give yourself and your business what it needs!

We understand the daily struggle to find the balance between delivering and leading because we’ve been there. Not only do you need to decide where to spend your time, but you’re also faced with hundreds of other decisions and distractions.

We’ve found that having a clear direction, a workable plan, and an aligned team creates a focus that enables entrepreneurs to spend their days more effectively and multiply their impact on their team, business, and the world.

We help entrepreneurs to lead with focus so that they work more effectively and happily.

First by Five Will Help You...

  • Create more margin to lead (and live)
  • Multiply your results through your team
  • Ensure you and your team are crystal clear on your direction
  • Make smarter decisions
  • Enjoy your journey (we only get one shot at this!)

Let’s Work Together

We’ve helped many business owners and entrepreneurs to work more effectively and happily. Don’t accept that things have to remain the way they are. Partner with us to help you work more effectively and build the business you care about.

Clarify Your Path

Clarify your business vision and purpose to ensure you’re headed in the right direction.

Create a Plan

Create a focused plan aligned with your team and purpose to deliver results.

Work More Effectively

Lead with focus to work more effectively and happily.

“Where focus goes, energy flows.”  ~ Tony Robbins

Kind Words

We love helping our clients! Read what they have to say about us.

"First by Five has been a transformative partner for our team. From strategic planning and organizational design to marketing operations, Sonita delivers a sense of calm reassurance and optimism regarding everything she touches. As a result of her recommendations we have seen continued strong revenue growth and a significant increase in operational efficiency. I could not have asked for a better partner to help take our organization to the next level! "
Eric Lecky, EVP & CMO at SageWater
"As a start-up with investor expectations for a quick ramp up, I was focused on selling and fulfilling business. Sonita guided us to put in the infrastructure we needed to scale. It provided us great comfort knowing she was focused on the systems that helped our talent feel more connected to our projects, organization, and the way we operated. Personally, she was the outside voice I needed to consider important things about our business I would have missed."
Scott Gillum, Founder and CEO at Carbon Design
"Sonita helped me look at things from a different perspective for what I needed to do as a leader to take my team and my business to the next level. We didn't just look at micro things or macro things; it was a blend of both and how I could do these in stages, which was really helpful."
Melissa Froehlich, Business Growth Strategist and Mindset Coach
"Having a Strategic Success Roadmap and accountability sessions with Sonita I feel more confident and better able to lead and prioritize my time. My personal life is better and my professional life has gotten more organized. And I am able to delegate in a more efficient way."
Business Owner, Private School and Non Profit
"I wanted more clarity on my mission, vision and values so I could better serve my clients and team members. Now I’m clearer about how I want to lead and why. And I have a roadmap for the future of my business which gives me clarity on the steps I need to take."
Cory Zacker, Cory Zacker Consulting

Hi, I’m Sonita.

As First by Five’s Chief Encouragement Officer and Lead Consultant, I understand the daily struggle to focus,  lead a team, and build momentum because I’ve walked in your shoes. As a team leader for 18 years in the corporate and non-profit worlds, I found the greatest challenges to working effectively were insufficient direction and communication, putting the wrong people in the wrong roles, and unhealthy cultures that lacked empathy and/or accountability.  As I’ve worked with service-based entrepreneurs for the last four years, I discovered they grappled with similar challenges. Communicating a clear direction, having a workable plan, and building aligned teams is what has dramatically improved their effectiveness. I want to help as many entrepreneurs as possible experience that. Because the value and opportunities you create change people’s lives. And, because more than half of all entrepreneurs battle burnout. I left the corporate world after experiencing burnout as the result of making too many destructive work-life trade-offs. That’s why I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs build with purpose instead of burnout. Our businesses, our loved ones, and the world need us to.